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12-13 August 2022

Like other forms of works of art that become masterpieces, jazz was also born in a very challenging time. Hence, we always believe that jazz will always survive and revive during this exhausting and frustrating C19 global pandemy.

With all limitations and challenges that we are facing, allow us to present our UVJF 2021-REVIVAL, our 9th annual UBUD VILLAGE JAZZ FESTIVAL 2021.

We decided to revive, against all odds.

This year's festival may not be the same with the previous ones. Things ought to be aligned with strict C19 protocols. Masks, social distancing and other CHSE standards will be applied.

The Festival itself will be held Hybrid (on-line live streaming and on-site). Lineups are mostly our National talents as a consequence of limitations of international flight policies and the hassles of quarantine procedures.

But yes, with all these obstacles, without reducing the messages to conveyed, spreading loves and optimism to the world, we will revive


Acclaimed as one of the best jazz festival in South East Asia, The 9th Ubud Village Jazz Festival will be held on the 12-13 August 2022 at the Arma Museum garden with some shady areas around the perimeter. Bringing another host of exciting acts to Ubud, celebrating the huge range of styles and sub-genres that Jazz music and the art of improvisation encompass, the 2022 edition will feature, as always, international and local casts ranging across all category of jazz.

PERFECT VISION is the tagline of Ubud Village Jazz Festival (UVJF) this year which aligned with UVJF’s goal to set a clear, visionary and educational Jazz Festival.

Since the first edition in 2013, UVJF target is to be an eco-friendly festival with “NO PLASTIC” slogan during the event.

We will announce the artist line ups soon! STAY TUNE and STAY JAZZ!

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