UVJF - A Community-Based Jazz Festival

2012 - Today

Celebrating Harmony in Music and Community

The Ubud Village Jazz Festival takes place in the culturally vibrant setting of Ubud Bali, Indonesia. This annual music festival has been captivating audiences since 2012, thanks to the collaborative efforts of Yuri Mahatma, a talented musician, composer, and music teacher, and Anom Darsana, the visionary director and owner of ANTIDA Music Productions. Together, they have successfully organized numerous jazz concerts, each with its unique theme, showcasing the diversity and richness of the jazz genre. With their combined expertise and passion for jazz, they have managed to create a truly immersive and unforgettable experience for both artists and music enthusiasts alike. Since 2013 the festival has become a cherished event in the local community and has also gained recognition on an international scale, attracting musicians and visitors from all corners of the globe.

The Venue

As the festival continues to grow and evolve, it remains committed to promoting and celebrating the artistry and creativity of jazz, while also providing a platform for emerging talent. The enchanting atmosphere of Sthala, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel, Ubud Bali, nestled amidst the vibrant green hills and sprawling rice fields that stretch alongside the meandering Wos River, serves as the perfect backdrop for this remarkable festival that brings together music, culture, and people from all walks of life.

A Cultural Fusion

For more than ten years, the Ubud Village Jazz Festival has been providing a unique experience for jazz enthusiasts. With a compact yet well-curated program, the festival features a total of 20 performances, showcasing the talents of 100 musicians for two days on three different stages. The festival prides itself on presenting a diverse range of jazz forms, ensuring that there is something for everyone's musical taste. 

One of the key highlights of the festival is its international concept, bringing together performers from various nationalities. This intercontinental representation adds a vibrant and multicultural flavour to the event, making it a truly global celebration of jazz music. But the Ubud Village Jazz Festival is not just about the music. It also offers a culinary delight with its Food Booths, where attendees can indulge in the best culinary creations from the surrounding area. From local delicacies to international cuisines, the festival aims to satisfy the taste buds of all its visitors.

Educational Initiatives

The Ubud Village Jazz Festival goes beyond just entertaining the audience. It also has a strong commitment to nurturing new talents and supporting music students from the archipelago. By involving these aspiring musicians, the festival provides them with a platform to showcase their skills and gain valuable experience in a professional setting. 

In addition, UVJF also facilitates the organization of workshops that provide a valuable platform for music educators from both the local community and across the nation to come together and engage in collaborative efforts. These workshops are specifically designed to not only explore innovative and cutting-edge approaches but also to effectively nurture and inspire a fervent love for jazz music among the younger generation.

Community Empowerment

As an annual international jazz festival, the UVJF is fuelled by the support of communities and financed through various means such as sponsorships, advertising, ticket sales, booths, and merchandise. What sets the UVJF apart is its heavy reliance on a dedicated group of volunteers, who invest nearly 1,000 man-hours in organizing the event. It is their unwavering commitment and tireless efforts that attract both Ubud residents and visitors to the Village, ultimately bolstering the local economy and establishing the festival as a highly anticipated occasion on the calendar. Regardless of age, skill level, belief system, or financial status, the UVJF aims to bring joy to the faces of 5,000 individuals, ensuring an inclusive and enjoyable experience for all.

The Ubud Village Jazz Festival Board

Antida Darsana Ubud Village Jazz Festival Co-Founder

Antida Darsana

Anom Darsana is the founder of Antida Music Production, one of the best recording studios in Denpasar. Known as a cool-handed producer and sound engineer, Anom has produced Dialog Dini Hari (2010), Nosstress (2011), Jazz Rendevous (2010-2013), Evie Band (2014), Morrelia (2015), Scared of Bums (2017), Ripper Clown (2005), Antrabez (2019) and others.

Anom is also involved in various festivals in Bali, including the co-founder of the Ubud Village Jazz Festival (2013), Tepi Sawah Festival (2016-2019), Rocktober Festival (2012-2018), and Bali World Music Festival (2015).

Anom often dedicates his experience and resources to various musical events and socio-creative activism such as Bali Tolak Reclamation, Sprites Art & Creative Biennale, and Malu Dong Festival. Anom is a graduate of French literature and sound engineering in Switzerland.

Yuri Mahatma Ubud Village Jazz Festival Co-Founder

Yuri Mahatma

Yuri Mahatma has been in our national jazz scene for the last  25 years. An acclaimed jazz guitarist and jazz music educator. Founder of Underground Jazz Movement, a jazz music learning hub and community for pro-wanna-be-young-musicians. His dedication to jazz and good music has taken the most of his professional life.

Together with his colleague, Mr Anom Darsana, He founded Ubud Village Jazz Festival in 2013, since then it has become a highly -respected- jazz-music-only- festival in the region.

"The anxieties of most jazz musicians and enthusiasts seeing the reality that jazz is losing its identity in its very own festival was the main reason why we decided to create our festival."

Astrid Sulaiman Ubud Village Jazz Festival Vice Chairwoman

Astrid Sulaiman
Vice Chairwoman

As a pianist herself, Astrid dedicated herself to the Bali Jazz Community to maintain and keep jazz alive on the island. Side by side with Yuri Mahatma and Anom Darsana, Astrid is focusing on sponsorship, marketing and media relations.

Heru Djatmiko Ubud Village Jazz Festival Head of Ticketing Department

Heru Djatmiko
Head of Ticketing Department

"As a passionate jazz enthusiast and seasoned professional, I have spent over three decades immersing myself in the vibrant world of jazz festivals. Balancing my daily responsibilities as a manager for an Australian airline company, my love for jazz has been a constant source of joy and inspiration. This passion culminated in a remarkable milestone in 2012 when I collaborated with the Ubud Village Jazz Festival. This collaboration was a dream come true, allowing me to channel my deep appreciation for jazz into organizing our jazz festival, marking a significant achievement in my lifelong journey with this enchanting music genre."

Dwi Astuti Firman Ubud Village Jazz Festival Finance

Dwi Astuti Firman

As an event worker, have been an organizer of events for about 12 years. Joined Ubud Village Jazz Festival in 2018 and don't know anything about Jazz Music. Start by assisting the production of the Ubud Village Jazz Festival now she's into jazz music so much, and responsible for all the finances of the festival with her passion for jazz music.

Putu Klick Swantara Ubud Village Jazz Festival Design & Architecture

Putu Klick Swantara
Design & Architecture

"As a professional architect with a profound passion for music and art, I find my true calling in the harmonious blend of these creative realms. My journey with the Ubud Village Jazz Festival, since its inception in 2014, stands as a testament to this blend. Playing a pivotal role as both the heart and brain of this prestigious event, I have immersed myself deeply in the rhythmic ebb and flow of jazz, ensuring every festival is a masterpiece of cultural and artistic expression. My involvement in this festival is a source of immense pride and joy, reflecting my dedication to celebrating and nurturing the arts. Being part of this team has not only been a professional milestone but also a personal delight, as it resonates with my core values and love for artistic endeavours."

Diana Surya Ubud Village Jazz Festival Design & Architecture

Diana Surya
Design & Architecture

"I am an accomplished architect with a deep-rooted passion for music and art, Working with Klik as my partner in art has been a cornerstone of the Ubud Village Jazz Festival since 2014. Our unique blend of architectural expertise and enthusiasm for jazz has been pivotal in shaping the festival, making each year a remarkable and joyous celebration of artistic expression."

2023 - Sthala, A Tribute Portfolio Hotel Ubud, Bali

2022 - Arma Museum & Resort, Ubud Bali

2021 - Arma Museum & Resort, Ubud Bali

2019 - Arma Museum & Resort, Ubud Bali

Uniting Communities through Music Diversity

In conclusion, the Ubud Village Jazz Festival has established itself as a must-attend event for jazz enthusiasts. With its carefully selected line-up of quality bands, diverse culinary offerings, international representation, and dedication to fostering new talents, this festival promises an unforgettable experience in a verdant environment, for all those who appreciate the beauty of diverse jazz genres.

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