Ubud Village Jazz Festival



The UVJF2024 program is an annual celebration that aims to showcase the island's rich culture and heritage. It promises to provide a captivating experience through various performances by renowned artists from both national and international backgrounds. The line-up for this year's event covers a wide range of jazz genres and styles, ensuring that there is something for everyone's preferences. The line-up guarantees to exceed all expectations and leave a memorable impact on attendees.

Ubud Village Jazz Festival Performers 2024

Adien Fazmail Quinteto


Adien Fazmail Quinteto is a group that plays Flamenco Jazz. Exceptionally, for the 2024 Ubud Village Jazz Festival, they will add traditional Indonesian drums called “Kendang” and the voice of a Spanish flamenco singer.

Adien Fazmail: Flamenco Guitar
Angela Lopez Lara: Vocal
Kristian Dharma: Bass
Astrid Sulaiman: Piano
Emon Subandi: Kendang

Benny Irawan Trio


Benny Irawan, the youngest of four siblings from a musical family in Blitar, started playing guitar at age 12. He was exposed to different music genres and developed a passion for jazz. After studying jazz in Jakarta, he moved to Bali to be closer to his hometown. He is an active musician in Bali, performing at various events.

At UVJF2024, he will be introducing a new fusion of jazz and blues rock. He will collaborate with bassist Doddy Sambodo and drummer Palel.

Claudio Diallo (Switzerland) with Indra Gupta & Gustu Brahmanta

Claude Diallo is a world-renowned jazz pianist from Switzerland who travels globally to perform for a diverse audience. He leads the Claude Diallo Situation trio, releasing albums, winning awards, and playing at various festivals and venues across Europe, America, and Asia. Through his love for music and exploration of different cultures, he has built a strong international network.

Claude Diallo will be performing with Indra Gupta (double bass) and Ida Bagus Putu Brahmanta (drums).

Collective Harmony


Collective Harmony is set to honour the legendary jazz icon Louis Armstrong by showcasing his music in a spectacular performance. Five exceptionally talented singers, Nancy Ponto, Rachma Neider, Phil Antonio, Telly Yoesoef, and Ras Gito, come together to breathe new life into Armstrong's timeless classics with their mesmerizing voices.

Nancy Ponto is well-known in the Indonesian Jazz music scene as a talented vocalist. She excels in jazz, but is also proficient in other genres.

Rachma Neider has a diverse musical taste, ranging from soul to funk to jazz, and her exceptional voice allows her to effortlessly sing anything.

Dian Pratiwi


Dian Pratiwi is a well-known jazz singer from Indonesia who has gained recognition in Europe for her beautiful voice. She started singing in primary school and fell in love with jazz after hearing Sarah Vaughn. Dian began her career in Jakarta before studying jazz in Holland and moving to Germany to further her career.

She has performed with various jazz orchestras and received recognition as the Official Voice of the Ruhr 2010 Capital of Culture. She will be performing with the Uwe Plath Trio.

Erick Chuong Trio (Hong Kong) ft. Sinuksma & Kanhaiya

Eric Hin Wai Chong,  jazz guitarist & composer from Hong Kong, has performed at various jazz festivals worldwide, including Ljubljana, Groningen, Maastricht, Seoul, Beijing, Guangzhou, Zhuhai and Macau. He has also been involved in pop music and has performed in various concerts and cabaret shows.

He completed his jazz studies in the Netherlands with a full scholarship. He is the winner of the Shanghai JZ jazz competition. Eric will be performing with Sinuksma (double bass) and Kanhaiya (drums).



FAWR trio is fuelled by a love for music and a dedication to working together creatively. Drawing inspiration from various genres, from R&B to jazz, and world music, they incorporate elements of improvisation and emotion into their music. FAWR values collaboration and often invites other musicians to join them. Their ultimate aim is to produce music that connects with audiences globally and transcends cultural barriers.

Nataniel Isachar Kaleb: Guitar
Agil Nur Pambudi: Bass
Grady Boanerges: Drums

Galaxy Big Band


The Galaxy Big Band Jazz Orchestra is a vibrant Jakarta-based band formed in 1992, boasting a talented ensemble of approximately 15 members.

Their repertoire showcases a mastery of traditional swing classics popularized by iconic bands such as Count Basie and Duke Ellington Orchestra, alongside captivating Latin-style melodies.

Jazz Centrum Quartet


Jazz Centrum is a music institution, founded in 2015 by Yason Gunawan, focusing to promote Jazz in Indonesia. Yason studied at Capilano University in Canada. He is passionate about Jazz after collaborating with renowned artists there. Returning to Surabaya in 2008, Yason has been dedicated to nurturing Jazz musicians through Jazz Centrum. 

Jazz Centrum Quartet consist of Yason Gunawan on Piano, Dio Christputra Oetomo on Double-Bass, Benny Chen on Drums, and Desy Agustina on Vocal.

New Centropezn Quartet


The "New-Centropezn" Jazz Quartet has gained recognition both in Russia and internationally. They have performed with renowned soloists and won several prestigious awards ain Belgium, Germany, and Spain. They have participated in numerous festivals, and have created the first Jazz School for children in Russia.

They are also actively involved in collaborating with other jazz orchestras and have recorded multiple albums with international musicians.

Noé Clerc Trio


The Noé Clerc Trio, consist of accordionist Noé Clerc , bassist Clément Daldosso, and drummer Elie Martin-Charrière. The trio creates a deep connection with its audience, showcasing a blend of blues, contemporary jazz, impressionist, and traditional music. They explore urban and wild landscapes, reflects on encounters, and offers a modern and virtuosic fusion of three unique instruments.

The group, formed in 2018, has won several int’l competitions and performs in France and abroad. 



Rason Wardjojo's captivating performances have impressed audiences, leaving a lasting impact on those who saw him perform. In October 2023, Rason released his debut single, "Rain Of Love," showcasing his artistic growth and love for music. Starting his musical journey at the age of 8, Rason has always had a natural talent for the guitar, which he began playing at just 3 years old.

Rason's musical abilities have expanded from children's songs to genres like oldies, blues, rock, and jazz.

Rodrigo Parejo Quartet


Spanish jazz musician Rodrigo Parejo (flutes, voice, compositions), along with his quartet (Sri Hanuraga on piano/keys; Kevin Yosua on bass; Elfa Zulham on drums), embrace a diverse range of musical influences blending genres such as Flamenco, Jazz, Traditional Folk, Indonesian, Contemporary Music and many others.

The quartet has performed at Jazz Festivals in Indonesia, Spain, Malaysia, and other countries, showcasing their multicultural approach to music.

Simone Prattico Trio


Simone Prattico is a highly praised and versatile drummer known for his unique style that blends influences from his Mediterranean background and Afro-American music. He is sought after for his diverse grooves and rhythms. As an "oriundo" of Italian descent, he carries his heritage with him wherever he goes. His latest album, recorded in Brooklyn, reflects his musical journey and has received acclaim worldwide.

He will be performing with Klaus Mueller (piano) and Acelino de Paula (bass).

Uwe Plath Quartet


Uwe Plath, a saxophonist from Germany, has played with numerous jazz musicians and has won awards for his talent. He has founded several jazz ensembles, including a big band for young jazz players and an int’l big band with members from various countries. Plath has toured with well-known musicians and has led a jazz orchestra for a cultural event in Germany. He currently heads the Jazz Academy in Dortmund. 

He will perform with Gregory Gaynair (piano), Jakob Hein (drums) and Kester Jahn (bass).

Zagórski/Skowroński Project (Poland) ft Kajetan Galas

The Zagórski/Skowroński Project is a traditional organ trio led by Kuba Skowroński, Adam Zagórski, and Kajetan Galas, who bring their international influences to the Indonesian music scene. With experience in various genres and collaboration with different artists, they blend harmonies, rhythms, and improvisations to create a dynamic sound.

Their unique approach to jazz classics combines traditional and modern elements, offering a fresh perspective for jazz fans and newcomers alike.

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